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Basic Courses

IAO Accreditation for Educational Consultants

Our accredited consultant program helps educational consultants benefit from an ever expanding network of more than 1 million students and thousands of institutes, faculty members and educationists worldwide.

Educational consultants play a very important role in helping students pursue education . However, with increased competition and choices available to students today, they face difficulty in choosing the right consultant for their needs. IAO by granting accreditation to educational consultants assures students they have selected the right agent to match their unique requirement. IAO only grants accreditation to those educational consultants that surpass IAO's stringent accreditation criteria. Once accredited by IAO, educational consultants profile is enhanced to an international level, allowing them to gain trust of education academies, students and parents. Additionally, being accredited our consultants get exclusive access to our world's largest network of students, institutes and educationists worldwide.

Key Features of Our Program

Increase in Perceived Value of your Consultancy 
As per a recent survey "Factors affecting student choices for Higher Education" by Dabson Research Group, it has come to light that 79% students worldwide prefer educational consultants that are evaluated and endorsed by a third-party. Through an unyielding belief in quality of service and deep commitment to the consultancy services provided, getting accredited by IAO increases your perceived value amongst your existing and new potential customers. It also greatly the trust of students in your consultancy services both regionally and internationally.

Key Benefits of Our Program

Inquiries from Potential Study-Abroad Students 
Daily, we get hundreds of inquiries from potential study-abroad students looking for information on universities. These inquiries will be forwarded to you, thus giving you access to our database of 1 Million+ Students.

Dedicated Web-Page
You will be given a dedicated web-page on IAO. You can use this web-page as a tool to prove your commitment to make sure students meet the right education providers.

IAO's Accreditation Seal & Certificate 
Our seal and certificate is a proof of your Accreditation from IAO. It also endorses your professional practices and gives you the edge that would distinguish you amongst other educational consultants in the market.

Access to IAO's Panel of Accredited Education Providers
We have the world's largest network of Universities, Institutes and Schools. You will be have the opportunity to form alliance with these education providers and represent them on various forums. This will allow you to increase your clientele, student reach and revenues simultaneously.

Name in Accredited Agencies Directory 
Your name will be included among other IAO Accredited Educational Consultants on our listing page.

Free Promotion
You accreditation status will be shared through news on iao official blog and social media along with premium press releases on different mediums

Audit Report 
IAO will send its audit report to enhance your agency’s organizational practices and standards. Also, a dedicated accreditation consultant will be available to support you for your queries.

Points Profile Score 
You will receive a unique point profile score developed by putting together the best global organizational practices in collaboration with regional accreditation bodies.